Why blog?: an activity for the Connected Researcher workshop 23 February 2012

The RIN report  "Social media: a guide for researchers"

The RIN report "Social media: a guide for researchers"

The Research Information Network’s Social Media: a guide for researchers states, “almost all the researchers interviewed for this project maintain a blog of some kind”.  These researchers, with demanding schedules and the pressures that academic life bring, wouldn’t be blogging aimlessly.  So what would motivate them to make time to publish their thoughts online?

Spend a few moments thinking about what potential you see for blogging.  Would blogging offer you an opportunity to reflect, to diarise?  Somewhere to collate material you find online?  A chance to share your ideas?  Would you see blogging as a great networking or learning opportunity?  Share your thoughts informally in a comment below and we’ll discuss them together.  Rather than posting one long, considered comment, you may chose to post a number of short comments, so others may respond and you may engage in an online conversation.